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Apex to Ground was born in August 2020. On the way to Melbourne to work as a Machine operator on the ill-fated tunnel system, I became stuck in the Central West of Victoria in a town called St Arnaud this was due to Covid 19, and Melbourne being bordered by strict rules and regulations and a ring of steel.

Boredom, lack of work and time to reflect on where my life and indeed working in Construction and in the Earthmoving sector and where it might head over the coming years led me to explore options.

With the home renovation and property market being on the up, I decided that swinging leavers on an excavator or loading out constantly on someone else’s loader may not be the most effective earning or satisfying path I could take in earthmoving or construction. I sold a houseboat and a berth I owned and invested in a second-hand low hour Kanga 825 series tracked loader and many attachments suited to small scale earthworks and landscape construction. It came with a 4 in 1 bucket, spreader bar, power head auger with 250, 350, 450 and 600mm attachments also a post hole extension bar, trenching attachment, rotary hoe/tiller, and a custom kanga trailer.

Teamed up with the 19 years in earthworks and civil based construction jobs I have held, gained knowledge and skills needed, I had a plan, the ideas, methodology, and equipment to start a small-scale business focused on all access earthworks and landscape construction. 

The last 6 months of 2020 gave me the time and ability to complete many small and large earthwork jobs in the goldfields area in Victoria. Over the Christmas holidays the ring of steel came down and I was able to complete my move to Melbourne where I am now based full time and ready to support you in your next earthworks or landscape construction project.

After 2 months here the need for a tipper truck to operate my business too its potential was obvious, so my second major purchase was made. It has made sourcing all access earthworks jobs and landscape construction projects a much easier task as I now have in house the ability to complete earthworks jobs from start to end. No outsourcing or sub-contracting trucks which helps keep quality up and costs down.
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